The people and communities that help me learn.

Square Mountains

Tallinn, Estonia

Square Mountains is the first company I founded. My focus in Square Mountains is to innovate by design. It was also a great experience to define, create and operate a company. Peek calendar is the first product I designed and launched at Square Mountains.


Mountain View, California

I joined Google Android team in Fall 2013. Google was a really cool place to work. I was always impressed with the level of global impact one can make at Google. After all Google is also a corporation so my stay at Google was rather short. I quit in less than half a year so I can focus on my own projects.


Bay Area, California

IDEO has played an important role in forming my design approach and culture. In 2010, I moved to Bay Area to join IDEO for a six-month internship, working with some of the top designers in the area. I decided to return to IDEO in 2011, after graduation, to be part of an inspiring community that is creating impact in the world through design.



I had the opportunity to join Microsoft on two occasions. In 2009, I was part of the Microsoft design studio in Seattle as an intern. I had the chance to learn about the corporate culture and practiced design and development of products at a fast pace. In 2011, I worked with Bing maps team as a contractor, woking on their future product concepts.


Umea, Sweden

The Umea Institute of Design's interaction design program was founded by professor Mike Stott. To this date, his design philosophy has been guiding me through my professional career. UID is one of the top Human centered design institutes in the world. It offer industry sponsored project-based education in a very collaborative environment. I finished a one-year intensive graduate program in Industrial Design before joining the Interaction Design Masters program in 2008.


Tallinn, Estonia

In 2011 I moved to Tallinn to join one of the leading design firms in Estonia, Velvet Creative Alliance. I helped design the visirtor's experience for the Estonian National Museum of History and was also involved in some smaller projects with the team. My stay in Estonia was a great cultural experience as well.


Gothenburg, Sweden

Berge Consulting is a design firm based in Gothenburg. I spent two months with the industrial design team to develop a concept for a consumer electronic product. I had the chance to work with a talented team of product and transportation designers and together we developed a product/experience for an international client.


NSW, Australia

Challenge Implements is a leading agricultural equipment manufacturing company in Australia. It is based in Orange in NSW. I joined them in 2006 as a design engineer, working on a variety of products. During my two years there, I was involved in the whole process of research, design and development of the products.


Tehran, Iran

I finished my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering at Tehran Polytechnics in 2005. My area of focus was Manufacturing and Production Engineering and my research was mainly around Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. I made my first user interface for a software I developed for recognizing features for computer aided manufacturing process.



I have been mentoring a couple of startups including Stepsie in Australia, Monolith in Croatia, Brickflow in Hungary and a group of startups at Startup Wise Guys in Estonia. This has been a great learning experience for me and also an opportunity to get to know many inspiring and talented people.